Wheatens in Homes

Year Number
1998 36
1999 65
2000 78
2001 81
2002 83
2003 74
2004 77
2005 86
2006 97
2007 99
2008 103
2009 86
2010 103
2011 98
2012 36
2013 29

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Wheatens In Need, founded in 1998 as a 501c-3 non-profit charitable organization, is a Wheaten Terrier rescue group dedicated to providing a safe haven for Wheatens requiring placement into new permanent homes. We work directly with owners who find themselves overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for their Wheaten or experience life changing events. We also work closely with shelters throughout the United States and Canada who deal with abandoned, abused, unwanted, or otherwise homeless Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.

Our network of volunteer Wheaten Terrier lovers provide foster homes and transportation throughout the USA and Canada. Our volunteers also participate in the "WURL" (Wheaten Underground Railroad), which has aided many Wheaten Terriers by getting them either to foster homes or to their new adoptive homes. They work with surrendering owners as well as screen and complete home checks for those who have applied to rescue a wheaten.

Many WIN volunteers also provide temporary foster homes for the rescue Wheatens. During this foster period, the Wheaten will typically have been checked by a veterinarian, treated for any infirmities, spayed/neutered, and evaluated for temperament. The evaluation process in the foster home may take only two weeks or could last a few months. The nature of the rescue situation will generally determine the length of time it takes to place a Wheaten Terrier in his or her new home.

If you own a Wheaten Terrier in need of a new home, please read through and complete the required Transfer Agreement and Behavioral Observation Form. Then send us an email at ledition@earthlink.net so we can determine how we can best assist you and your Wheaten. You can expect to hear from someone from our organization quickly.

If you would like to become one of our volunteers, check out the Volunteer Application. Once you’ve filled it out, your application will be sent to a regional coordinator who will follow up with your directly to identify the level of support for which you’d like to volunteer.

Since our beginning in 1998, WIN has helped match more than 870 rescued Wheatens to new owners. With over 200 carefully screened applicants on file, WIN has a great track record for successful re-homing of WIN dogs. From start to placement, our adoptive families receive the support that is so necessary to ensure that these Wheatens have truly found their 'forever' homes.


Our two seniors, TJ (10) and Sabrina (11) were being fostered in the Philadelphia area. Their owner had passed away and they pair was quite sad. They were recently adopted together and were WURLed to their new home in Kentucky! Thanks to all of our volunteers who were involved; their foster family, all of the drivers on the WURL, and their new mom! Have a great life, TJ and Sabrina!

Happy New Year, everyone.

Just wanted to show you a picture of Daisy, currently being fostered in Maryland. Daisy was an owner turn in to the shelter because she has allergies and had an extreme case of yeast and bacterial infections. She's been with us since before Thanksgiving and is responding very well to a change of diet, medications and lots of baths.

Daisy is 6 years old and has the sweetest disposition anyone could ask for. In spite of her painful ears when we first got her she came out of the shelter giving me sweet kisses and she tolerated everything we did to her without a whimper.

Daisy will always require careful monitoring so as not to let the yeast get out of control again, but it is quite manageable and her loving attitude makes it more than a worthwhile effort.